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Gene Ritchhart

Gene Ritchhart

Elma, Wa


Hi, I'm Gene Ritchhart, I was born at home in July of 1955 as the son of a sailor. Pop was the first to spank my bottom ! Since my father was a navy man I spent most of my life in San Diego,Ca. Growing up I also spent time in Oak Harbor and Bremerton, Washington. I graduated in 1974 back in El Cajon, California. I doodled and sketched in my early years as a lot of kids do, but I found I enjoyed drawing and painting in highschool. I was one of those lucky students that had an art teacher who cared and influenced his students in how much fun it was to paint.
Upon graduation I enlisted into the army and spent my tour of service as a mechanized infantryman in Germany. I had the oppurtunity to see a lot of Germany as a driver. It was while stationed there I started to paint in watercolors after driving by a grove of beautiful sunflowers nesttled in the side of a hill. I did a few peices for some of the NCO's while staioned there. After the service I returned home which had again changed geographically back to Bremerton, Wa. Home was where mom and pop were; And they had moved back to Washington. Using my GI Bill I attained my AA Degree thru Olympic College in 1983. I painted in acrylic and found I really loved them ! Any canvas I worked on would dry in an hour and I could go back in to make any changes I felt necessary. Durning my two year degree I would often hike and camp all over Washington. My sketch books and camera were always with me. Except for an eight year job in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Washington has been my home . Now I'm a little past half a century old and I still love to explore this state.
The newest chapter in the life of this artist is a move from Olympia to Arlington, Wa. My wonderful wife had a job offer we could not turn away from. So be on the look out for new photos and paintings of the North Cascades. From where we live the mountains are close by and are already calling to me. Well alas the mountains still call but a job oppurtunity moved us to ELMA, Washington. So goes another chapter of new images to capture and share.


Rock Pools by Gene Ritchhart


The Notch by Gene Ritchhart


Fallen Log by Gene Ritchhart


Grass by Gene Ritchhart


Forest Road by Gene Ritchhart


Forest Love by Gene Ritchhart


Christine Falls by Gene Ritchhart


Bend by Gene Ritchhart


Closed Road by Gene Ritchhart


Excavator and Truck by Gene Ritchhart


Heavy Equipment Halts by Gene Ritchhart


Flooded Excavator by Gene Ritchhart


Work Flooded 1 by Gene Ritchhart


Field of Blue by Gene Ritchhart


Red White Blue by Gene Ritchhart


Flags at Attention by Gene Ritchhart


Field of Honor by Gene Ritchhart


Fallen Comrade by Gene Ritchhart


John's Landing by Gene Ritchhart


FootBall Coach by Gene Ritchhart


Cupcake Lounging by Gene Ritchhart


Cupcakes' Christmas close up by Gene Ritchhart


Cupcakes' Sock Monkey by Gene Ritchhart


Navy Sky by Gene Ritchhart


The Soldiers Light by Gene Ritchhart